Squidbillies is an animated television series about a family of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids, The Cuyler family, who live in poverty in the Appalachian region of North Georgia's mountains. The show is produced by Williams Street Studios for the Adult Swim programming block of Cartoon Network. It is written by Dave Willis, of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame, and Jim Fortier, previously of The Brak Show, both of whom worked on the Adult Swim series Space Ghost Coast to Coast.[1] The animation is done by Radical Axis, with background design by Ben Prisk. The series has aired 114 episodes. renewed for a 12th season, set for a late 2019 premiere.


Main characters
  • Early Cuyler (Unknown Hinson): Grandson of Granny and father of Rusty, Early is a barely-literate, foul-mouthed, alcoholic ex-convict. He's also quick to anger, often expressing it in violent ways via sawed-off shotgun, knife, or whatever implement is lying around. Early was given the position of CEO—and scapegoat—at Dan Halen Industries, though he has since been relegated to various lower level positions including product tester. He runs a number of illegal home enterprises including the production of "pine cone" liquor, the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, as well as production and sale of methamphetamine. It has been implied several times that he has an incestuous relationship with his sister, Lil (apparently without her consent, as she appears passed out in each instance). It is implied that Early was raped in prison in the episode,"The Big Gay Throwdown". Early is proud of his "hillbilly" lifestyle and enjoys hunting, fishing, "muddin'", watching mixed martial arts, drinking Party Likker, and NASCAR.
  • Russel "Rusty" Cuyler (Daniel McDevitt): The hybrid son of Early and Krystal, great-grandson of Granny, Rusty is a dimwitted, abused, backwoods young squid. He seeks his father's approval in nearly everything he does, going out of his way to emulate and impress him. He has a better sense of morals than the rest of his family and will occasionally show compassion. Like his father, he exhibits stereotypical redneck interests and behavior. He is not, however, as naturally violent as his father, and often fails in his attempts to mimic Early's overtly prejudiced and myopic view of the world. Rusty exhibits facial similarities to the stereotypical redneck male: bad teeth, acne, and a mullet. He lost his virginity to his aunt in "Not Without My Cash Cow".
  • Ruby Jean "Granny" Cuyler (Dana Snyder): An elderly squid, revealed in the third season to be actually the grandmother of Early and Lil. She is purple (in opposition to the rest of the family's pale green), hangs from a walker, and has only five tentacles for unexplained reasons. Granny is a devout Christian and regularly sees visions of Jesus, though like the rest of her family she does not shy away from violence or foul language. She is prone to being rattled and unclear about her current whereabouts due to her senile dementia and is also a nymphomaniac. It is also implied that she has an incestuous relationship with Lil (also apparently without consent).
  • Lil Cuyler (Patricia French) - Granny's granddaughter and Early's sister, cosmetically-challenged Lil wears caucasian flesh-colored eye-shadow and extremely long fake finger nails on her tentacles. Her last name is confirmed to be Cuyler in the episode "Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto is 'Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation'". With a raspy voice often punctuated by a nasty smoker's cough, Lil' is a worn-out and rather jaded squid. She runs an on and off crystal meth operation, and is a known user of her own product. It is revealed that cigarette smoke has replaced most of the blood in her veins; and that she also suffers from Hepatitis D. She is frequently seen passed out in her own filth, likely a victim of drug-induced burnout. During the time of her extended unconsciousness, she was married to an ultra-violent (even more than Early), America-hating extraterrestrial character named Lerm who decapitated her seconds after the marriage.
  • Todd "The Sheriff": (Charles Napier, episodes 1-9 (uncredited); Bobby Ellerbee, episodes 9-current) - One of only a handful of human recurring characters, the Sheriff is a friendly, even sweet man. He has a close, amicable relationship with the Cuyler family despite—or perhaps because of—having had to arrest Early repeatedly. He is presented as a chain smoker and is foretold to die from emphysema "3 years from now". However, as the show does not follow any particular timeline, this has not taken place. The Sheriff seems to really care about Early, going so far as to arrange couple's therapy for himself and his troubled squid friend. The sheriff character is actually one of many clones grown on a farm as part of a "secret shadow government" developed by Dan Halen. Most are identical—with a few exceptions—and described as having "marginal strength and hypersensitivity to pain." In the episode The Big Gay Throw Down, it was revealed that the Sheriff may be gay, though not all of his clones are (as not all are exact copies of him). The same episode also revealed that he was possessed by a gay demon named "Todd" at least since childhood. (This is in direct opposition to an earlier episode where he expressed relief that gay-marriage-encouraging robots didn't try to "convert" him.) Though the Reverend appeared to "exorcise" Todd from the Sheriff's body, the Sheriff was shown to still be gay and proceeded to pursue a romantic relationship with the man he had just met, and announced they were going to Connecticut where they would marry. This particular incident necessitated the choosing of a new Sheriff from the rest of the clones on Dan Halen's farm (where this time they tried to specifically choose one that was straight). But as the Sheriff was gay as a young man and has been replaced many times over the series (sometimes in quick succession), it is thought that he is nominally a gay character with some of his incarnations being straight.
  • Krystal (Mary Kraft) - Rusty's human mother is a morbidly obese caucasian woman who lives her life lying on a filthy junkyard mattress, where she had been deemed a local landmark. She spends most of her time drinking from a re-usable over-sized "Sip" convenience store cup and scratching lottery tickets. Her extraordinary promiscuous lifestyle caused problems during her brief marriage to Early.
  • Dan Halen (Todd Hanson): A small, pear-shaped, knee-less, "badger-like" business tycoon. He is the incarnation of evil who has lived since the beginning of time. He is in charge of Dan Halen Sheetrock International, a multinational corporation responsible for sheet rock, dangerous (as opposed to simply unsafe) baby furniture, selling arms to third world countries, and various other ventures. His name, hairstyle, and company symbol are direct references to the band Van Halen.

Facts: Genre Animated Comedy Created by Jim Fortier Dave Willis Voices of Unknown Hinson Daniel McDevitt Dana Snyder Bobby Ellerbee George Lowe (Unofficial Pilot) Narrated by Dave Willis Composer(s) David Lee Powell Shawn Coleman Country of origin United States No. of seasons 4 No. of episodes 114 (List of episodes) Production Running time 11 minutes Broadcast Original channel Adult Swim Original run November 7, 2004 (Unofficial Pilot) October 16, 2005 – present

Crew: Animation Director - Craig Hartin Lead Compositor - Jamie Galatas Animation Coordinator - Harriss Callahan (Season 1 & 2) Supervising Animator (Season 1)- Sean Quinn Supervising Animator (Season 2)- Sean Quinn Supervising Animators (Season 3)- Marji Fortin, Lars Edwards, Brian Ellis, and Sean Quinn Supervising Animators (Season 4)- Melissa Wolfert, Brad "Cotton" Schwab, and Sean Quinn Original Character Design (Lead Designer)- Todd Redner Animation Compositors - Ray Kim, Timothy Farrell, Michael Bernhardt, Nathan Churney, Joshua Mullinax Animators (Season One) - Amber Boardman, Eric Cerda, Marji Fortin Animators (Season Two) - Brian Ellis, Hanna Bliss, Lars Edwards, Eric Cerda, Marji Fortin, Justin Hamrick, Aaron Hawkins Animators (Season Three) - Brian Ellis, Lars Edwards, Eric Cerda, Marji Fortin, Brad Schwab, Dagny Philips-Stumberger, Derrick Canyon, Jason Shwartz, Melissa Wolfert, Missy Feaster, Ralph Sevelius, TJ Buford, Ian Stewart Animators (Season Four) - Brad Schwab, Melissa Wolfert, Dagny Phillips-Stumberger, Jason Shwartz, Missy Roode, Ralph Sevelius, Lamont Russ, Eric Cerda, Claire Almon, Aaron Kablack, Joe Apel, Adam Toews, Hannah O'Neil (seasons 5-11)


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